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1. Sister Julie ft Prezident Brown Jah Love Remain
2. Sister Julie ft Lady Ann Suffering People
3. Kiddus I & Infinite Cup And The Lips
4. Bugle ft Marcia Griffiths Fire Burning
5. Tiken Jah Fakoly ft Winston McAnuff I Can Hear
6. Kazayah ft MediSun I Know
7. Kazayah Rise
8. Lady Reiko Up In The Hills
9. Mortimer Whole Heap
10. Aza Lineage Ghetto Love
11. Tuff Like Iron ft Knxtti Digital Dread
12. Cookie The Herbalist Winner
13. Tanya Stephens Be Who We Be
14. Tanya Stephens Serendipity
15. Tanya Stephens ft Sabrina Qureshi Jezebel
16. Tanya Stephens ft Kelly Shane So Damaged
17. Chuck Fenda One Burner
18. Heidi Tiffany True Love
19. Jahzi Lee Far Away
20. Minister Marion Hall Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings
21. Shaneil Muir Click Bait
22. Mehkadon Yours
23. Jahshii Same Way Suh
24. Rytikal Own Meds
25. Queenie Queen Inna Deck
26. Jah Izrehl & Lavida Loca Dream Big
27. Alaine & Tanya Stephens No Other Love
28. Fay-Ann Lyons Island Girl
29. Wendi ft Dyson Knight Come Over Lover
30. CeCile Make Me Feel Nice
31. Stefflon Don ft Spice `Clockwork´
32. Spice Pop Off
33. Spice Tape Measure
34. Spice Nuff Man Name
35. Marcy Chin As A Bad B