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# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. Chris Demontague The Revolution
2. Navissa Yasmin & Jade Tremba World Revolution
3. Nestor (Nonpalidece) Thanks For Life (Gracias Por La Vida)
4. Scotty P & Lenny Kurlou Sweet Reggae Music
5. Dougy Music Is Real
6. Bramma Dance A Buss
7. Anthony B Turn Up The Music
8. Macka B Conscious Music
9. Petraa Love Over Fear
10. Run JA Boss KA Stop The War And Violents
11. Mikeylous Ukraine & Russia
12. Kim Pommel Blood Stop
13. Spragga Benz Race To Waste Your Life
14. Sizzla Rumors
15. Anthony Redrose Watch What You Doing
16. Milton Blake, Sattalight, Luciano, Culture Man, Mikey General & Mikey Melody This Is Too Much
17. Kristine Alicia Hope
18. Jahmali Sekkle Down
19. Junior Natural Time A Get Dread
20. Tarrus Riley & 10Tik Tears Of Joy
21. Tarrus Riley X Kabaka Pyramid Love Alone
22. Charly Black X Julian Marley People Of The Country
23. Sheila Rickards Jamaican Fruit Of African Root
24. Rita Anderson A Deh Pon Dem
25. Hortense Ellis Groovy Kind Of Love
26. Marcia Griffiths Hold Me Tight
27. Shanty B Let Me Love You
28. Silkkey D This Is Love
29. Diainty ft Fatta Marshall Baby Boy
30. Innocent Kru T.I.O
31. Innocent Kru ft Cherine Anderson Super Freak
32. Innocent Kru Macka Dolly
33. Innocent Kru ft Chevelle Franklyn So Jah Say
34. Sherida Sharpe Restart
35. Peppery Life Is So Great
36. Karamanti Start With A Prayer